Microprocessor systems and "Internet Of Things"

Systems for controlling industrial equipment, security and access control, measurement and notification. Control modules with microcontrollers – Texas Instruments, ARM, Microchip and Atmel. Developing electrical and electronic circuits. Designing circuit boards. Developing “Smart Home” systems.


Responsive webpages, Web based systems, Online stores and E-commerce platforms, Portals and forums, Mail clients, Company websites and other.


Specialised software is characterised by its functionality and is consistent with the user requirements. Most businesses reach the point in which they need a software solution to make it easier for their employees to do their job and increase their productivity. We offer a solution to this problem by creating custom software applications.

IT services

We suggest the folowing services to every company for prevention from data loss or more serious problems.

Services for small or large businesses done by a system administrator without the need of hiring one.

One-time support - Available for everybody. On site or remote repair services.

Subscription support - Creatng an individual plan based on customer needs, budget or time. Customers recieve priority servicing and sceduled maintnance services.

- Supplying with new or second hand computers and peripherals.

- Computer assembly.

- Installation and repair of software and operating systems.

- Sceduled maintnance.

- Archiving data – one onsite and two offsite backups – 100% data recovery.

- Installations and configuration of new hardware or software.

- Applying updates.

- Servicing workstations.

- Servicing printers and copiers.

BGA – SMD rework

- Installation, removal, replacement of BGA – SMD components.

- Servicing laptops and other computer equipment.

- Servicing industrial equipment.

Corporate services

Developing and servicing networks – optical, copper, coaxial and wireless. Structural cabling for buildings. Satellite, underground or terrestrial solutions for point-to-point communications. Internet connectivity for hardly accessible areas. Designing and maintaining radio comunications equipment. Installing and servicing PBX and telephone systems.

WEB infrastructure

- Structured cabling for offices, designing and servicing networks, server rooms and datacenters.

- Configuring systems and equipment for work in a network or access to the world wide web.

- Integration of new technologies in existing datacenters.

- Designing corporate networks, server rooms and daacenters.

- Virtualisation, storage platforms, WEB servers, DNS servers, domain controlers, active directories and more.

- Firewalls, content filtering, security systems, access control, security management.

- Connecting long distanced buildings in a network.

- Designing and servicing of telephone systems and IP PBX.

- VPN solutions

Benefits of structured cabling systems:

- Professional structured cabling no mather of the type and location of the building.

- Guaranteed long-term network operation.

- Use of standart components.

- Large variety of adapters according to the type of equipment.

- Combining fiber-optic and coper networks in one.